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The Garden hosts fabulous exotic plantings intermingled with a rich native tree, shrub and herbaceous flora.  This remarkable blend, arguably unique in Britain, is accompanied by an equally fascinating diversity of fungi, ferns, mosses and liverworts.


This intense pocket of rich vegetation, in its sheltered Atlantic seaboard setting, affords a wide range of habitats that support an interesting array of animals, some of which the observant may well encounter on a visit to Larachmhor.


In addition to documenting the plantings, the LGA maintains growing lists of records for all forms of wildlife, flora, fungi and other organisms reported around Larachmhor - and is always grateful to receive ratified new sightings.


Visitors are encouraged to appreciate fully the splendours of the garden – to look, to listen, and also, where tempted (at their own risk) to touch and to smell the delights on offer. However we ask them to respect the country code, and indeed the tenets of the wildlife and countryside act, and refrain from removing material from the site: please leave things undisturbed for others to enjoy.



Although the core character of the garden is defined by its outstanding collection of rhododendrons, the impressive diversity of other flowering shrubs and spectacular tree specimens that have been planted alongside them greatly enriches the overall spectacle.



The sheltered setting and diverse vegetation provides a marvellous array of habitats for other wildlife.



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