The garden is run by a core team of activists, who lead on different aspects of the work on the site. A core committee structure passively underpins these operations. Most of the maintenance and planting is carried out on monthly weekend workparties that are organised through the year – with extra emphasis on Spring (for the peak flowering) and Autumn (for after the midges!). During major programmes of work some of us escape there almost weekly. Participants are drawn from across RBGE and beyond.


Once folk have attended a workparty and are familiar with the site and its operation, they can occasionally book a hut for accommodating friends or family or colleagues, for a few days, when they are not otherwise in use. A modest fee per person per night is charged toward the upkeep & supplies (gaz/elsan etc) – with (at present) an extra requested minimum donation of £10 per visit, to pay off the cost of the major hut re-build.


All overnight residents are strongly encouraged to help with the ongoing garden work.


The Committee :


Hon President Ian C Hedge


Chairman/CoordinatorAlan P Bennell


Curator Ian W J Sinclair (ex RBGE & BBG)


TreasurerSally Rae


Tech Advisor Neil Claughan   (ex RBGE & NTS Fyvie)


PublicityShauna Hay





Jean Maskell(Adkinglas),


Alan Sinclair (Blackridge)


Rebecca Coggins (Dumfries Arts)


Propagation: Jamie Taggart (Linn Botanic Garden)


Ex Officio/ Factor:James Colston (Rhu Estate)